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Infrared Heaters

360W Infrared Heater with built in RF Receiver with Thermostat 60x60cms Infrared Heating Panel

ENER-J's Infrared Heater with Built-in Thermostat 360W 60x60cms Infrared Heating Panel with RF Receiver, Energy Saving Wall or Ceiling Heater with CE TUV RoHS...
Infrared Heaters Smart Heating
Infrared Heating Panel
£169.00 £119.00

ENERJ 2000W WIFI Electric Wall Heater with LED Display | Tempered Glass Panel Heater

Features: Silent, economic & efficient electric wall heater (also known as a panel heater, electric radiator, convection heater or convector radiator). Slimline, flat panel...
Infrared Heaters Smart Heating
£170.00 £129.99

1500W Ceiling Patio Heater with Remote Control with Heat Adjustable Switch Silver & Black Color

  PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Design The Ceiling Patio Heater emits warmth like sunlight and is very compact but extremely powerful with power wattage of...
Infrared Heaters Kiasa Heaters Smart Heating
Kiasa Heaters
from £129.99

2000W, IP55 Rating, Halogen Patio Heaters Electric Wall Mount Gold Tube with Remote (Silver / Black)...

  Why does it have a gold tube you'd ask? This is because the halogen tube inside the heating bar has a layer of gold...
Infrared Heaters Kiasa Heaters Smart Heating
Kiasa Heaters
from £127.99

Smart Far Infrared Heating Bar with Remote & WIFI for Home, Patio, Office, Garden Shed, Indoor...

Add a little power with this high-end heating bar wherever you are. Home, patio, office or garden shed, it is efficient and eco-friendly, it’s...
Infrared Heaters Kiasa Heaters Smart Heating
Kiasa Heaters
from £198.99
Out of stock

Outdoor Patio Infrared Heater Dual Voltage of 1000W to 2000W RED Quartz Tube for Indoor &...

DUAL VOLTAGE PATIO INFRARED HEATER: Powerful Dual Voltage 1000W/2000W infraredheating element provides a comfortable soothing heat. Perfect for outdoor specially during winter.  HEAT SETTINGS: For optimal comfort select...
Infrared Heaters Smart Heating
£159.99 from £89.99
Out of stock

Portable Infrared Heater, Radiant Heater, Efficient Heater, 600W or 1200W Power with Oscillation Free Standing (250...

AT ANY TIME OF THE YEAR: This infrared heater ensures pleasant warmth indoors and outdoors in every season! Its compact dimensions  (250 x 250 x 835mm)...
Infrared Heaters Smart Heating
£99.99 £69.99

2500W Halogen Electric Patio Heater Wall Mount Indoor / Outdoor Heater

  The most powerful heater we have in our Halo range with the wattage range of 2500W. Like all our other Halo heaters, it...
Infrared Heaters Kiasa Heaters Smart Heating
Kiasa Heaters

2400W Electric Far Infrared Heating Bar, IP44 Wall Mount Outdoor/Indoor Heater

  PRODUCT DESCRIPTION New DesignA modern, sleek curved shape and a bright RED light to tell you when it’s switched on.  The LED screen will keep...
Infrared Heaters Kiasa Heaters Smart Heating
Kiasa Heaters
from £212.99

KIASA Classic White Far Infrared Panel Heater

Stay warm while also saving up to 70% on your bills by consuming only a small amount of energy. Our Infrared Panel heaters do exactly...
Infrared Heaters Kiasa Heaters
Kiasa Heaters
from £73.99

2000W NDN Electric Glass Panel Heater with Remote Control, Electric Radiators Wall Mounted or Freestanding with...

Add a modern, sleek look to your home or office with this high quality glass finish. At 835 x 450 x 450mm it will...
Infrared Heaters Kiasa Heaters Smart Heating
Kiasa Heaters

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