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About us

The world today has transformed considerably and people are powered by technological advancements that are always changing or evolving to make our lives easier. The word ‘Smart’ is being used in an assortment of fields and is now a widely accepted expression for intelligence. OLECTRICAL understands the role it is performing in the lives of every individual today and keeping the never ceasing demand for smart products in mind, we are providing smart IoT electrical products in all of Europe. Being a leading platform for global trade, we have served millions of buyers and suppliers in Europe, quenching their desire for smart IoT appliances, making their homes smarter and technologically advanced, something that they could be proud and boost of.

Years of research has been put into understanding what the consumers of the 21st century are looking for. Various case studies and surveys made it clear that IoT has a massive impact on the lives of the present and future generation. As a result, this need gave birth to appliances and electrical products that are more intelligent, remotely controllable, and interconnected.

In simpler words, it can be aptly said that the world is experiencing a new era of the Internet of Things (IoT) and a wide range of electronic products that are used by people are interconnected by a network. Everyone wants smart electronic devices to give their home a completely new and advanced look, becoming a part of the new trend.

OLECTRICAL is the Online Shopping Store for Electronics where you can buy high and premium quality smart home devices and products at attractive prices. Our website is the home to a wide range of electronic products offered by various suppliers, sellers and brand names. From smart products to general ones, OLECTRICAL is your one stop shop for all your electronic needs. 

Our Mission

As an ambitious and inspiring e-commerce business, OLECTRICAL is moving forward with the sole mission of empowering the customers as well the brands mentioned on our website. We make it easier for them to do business and open a wide market for the customers with a plethora of products to choose from, giving choices that are hard to resist. With us, suppliers get the necessary tool to reach a wide audience for their products and customers get access to high quality smart electrical products in a quick and efficient way.

Our Vision

OLECTRICAL is not solely aimed at pursuing size or power but becoming a brand name that people can rely on and trust when it comes to buying high quality smart home devices and products. Our vision is to build a strong future infrastructure of commerce that caters to each and every electronic need of the new generation, powered by the latest technological advancement and quality that is second to none.

One Stop Shop

As we are a part of the technologically advanced world, a life without electronic products is unheard of and something that no individual would like to imagine. Every high end electrical appliances and products are a must have in order to live a more comfortable and luxurious life. Using simple electronic devices is a necessity today but owning smart IoT products is a luxury that not everyone thinks of owning. However, in order to compete in this fast paced world, one must have various luxuries at their disposal. When smart IoT electronic products such as Alexa WiFi Smart Light Led Bulbs and Smart Doorbell HD Security Camera with Chime are available to be purchased at a budget friendly rate, then people must make most of such an opportunity.

At OLECTRICAL, you will witness an impressive collection of lighting, smart security surveillance, cameras & door bells, sockets and switches, ventilation fans, heaters and more. In each category, you will find a wide range of products that you can conveniently selected based on your needs and requirements.

It is also true to the fact that people often stop mid purchase because the price of smart electrical appliances and products are sky touching. While there are some affluent individuals who can afford it but it might not be feasible for other people to make this kind of purchase. OLECTRICAL aims at diminishing this difference as every product listed on our platform is available for purchase at heavily discounted rates. This means that almost anyone can purchase smart products without burning a hole in their pocket or shaking their monthly budget. This way you are free to choose your desired products without worrying about the price because every product is affordable and can be bought in a whim, requiring no months of planning or savings.

Bringing Your Products The Very Next Day!

OLECTRICAL has been a firm believer of enhancing people’s lifestyle at the earliest and the moment you Buy LED Lighting Online or other smart electronic product, waiting for it is a daunting task. This is why we make it a point that once you purchase outdoor security light with wifi camera along with other products from us, we deliver it to you the very next day. So, after buying and paying for the desired items, there will be no long wait because you will get your appliances and gadgets the very next day and make most of it.

If you are a businessman or homemaker, who is making last minute purchase, you can be rest assured that items will reach you in basically no time at all and you can install it to make your home or business a well equipped and smarter one.

From high quality Smart IOT electrical products to quick and fast delivery, you can always count on OLECTRICAL. The smart products are well within your reach now with practically no compromise on the quality or delay that might make your experience a sour one. Explore thousands of smart products from our listing today and choose the electronic items that will make your life much easier and luxurious and the best part is, you can avail it all at great and attractive prices. 

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